CTIMP Training Materials

PRIOR to your CTIMP training, you will need to download the following documents onto your laptop or tablet, because WiFi may not be available in the training room.

Alternatively, you can print off hard copies and bring them with you. We will not be providing materials on the day. The presentation for delegates is a large document, so we recommend that you print off six slides per page and print on both sides of the paper.


  1. Presentation slides for CTIMP GCP training
  2. GCP training glossary
  3. The 14 principles of GCP
  4. Serious Adverse Event report form
  5. Completed patient information sheet
  6. Consent form checklist

The following materials are working tools. You do NOT need to download or print off these documents for the training session. However they will be discussed so, following requests from previous delegates, we have collected them together here in one easy to find section.