What is a Sponsor?

In a clinical research context, this refers to the organisation that takes legal responsibility for the overall conduct of a clinical trial.

A sponsor is not necessarily the same organisation that funds the trial.

What’s the difference between that and a Funder?

A funder is the organisation that supplies the funding for a clinical trial. An organisation can be both a sponsor and funder.

Most research activity will require a Sponsor but all activity requires funding. Further clarification and information can be found within the Research Governance Framework.

What type of role does Leicester’s Hospitals take for researchers?

We are registered with the Department of Health and routinely take responsibility as Sponsor for much of the research activity within the Trust.  If you are substantively employed by UHL and would like to approach the Trust about research sponsorship, please contact the Research and Innovation team on the form below.

My main employer is a University. What do I do?

If you are a student of, or substantively employed by a university, it is most appropriate that you approach the university in the first instance.

I don’t really fit into these categories, what should I do?

Where you are neither employed by Leicester’s Hospitals, nor a student or employee of a partner university, your first port of call should be either your substantive employer or your academic institution.

I’ve got a Sponsor for my research study. Can I start now?

It is important to remember that the process for applying to an organisation to request that they act as Sponsor for your research is not automatic approval for the research to commence. You will still require Research and Innovation Approval or Trust Approval before you start. This applies even if your research is Sponsored by the Trust and you intend to carry out your research just at Leicester’s Hospitals.

I want to apply for Leicester’s Hospitals to be the Sponsor for my research study. What do I do?

There is a robust but risk based process for agreeing to act as Sponsor for any research study. We will require that you complete some specific documentation and submit requested supporting information.

I still have some questions and need some more information. Who do I contact?

Please complete the form below with your query and/or requested information and a member of our team will get back to you.