Innovation and Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

IP describes original ideas, devices or processes created by individuals and the ownership of those inventions or works.

It can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing market needs.

There is some form of IP associated with any new idea and so it is important to protect the IP through Patent, Copyright, TRADEMARK or Design Protection.

I’ve come up with a new idea, what do I need to do?

Your idea needs to be kept confidential until IP is protected. Please keep accurate records of the invention with any dates, text and photos as the idea is being developed.

I’m not a medic or clinician, does this still apply to me?

Any member of staff at Leicester’s Hospitals can come up with an innovative idea, big or small. If your creative input or potential results of the project fall under any of the following headings, you are advised to get in touch with our Contracts & Innovation Manager as soon as possible.

  • Database design
  • Diagnostic products
  • Medical devices or other equipment
  • New or major service improvements
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Software
  • Training materials

Since this is my idea, do I own it or have any ownership rights?

The inventor is a person who creates the idea, though the invention will belong to the Trust if you are the employee of Leicester’s Hospitals. The inventor will be named in the Patent, if filed, and will be rewarded if their idea is commercialised. Please refer to the Trust IP policy for more information.

Intellectual Property Policy

I still have some questions and need to talk to someone about this. Who should I contact?

The Research and Innovations team have a Contracts & Innovation Manager, who specifically looks at IP for Leicester’s Hospitals. Please complete the form below with your query or request and our team will get back to you.