CRN East Midlands – Good Clinical Practice – Refresher – Derby

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A practical guide to ethical and scientific quality standards in clinical research.

Course information

This half-day course is for experienced research delivery staff who:

  • Have previously completed either taught or online GCP training
  • Have recent practical experience of working in a clinical research environment
  • Have a good understanding of the principles and quality standards of GCP and related frameworks.

The course is not suitable for:

  • New researchers who do not have experience of working in a clinical research environment
  • Research staff who are not familiar with GCP, either because training was a number of years ago or because initial training was of poor quality.


The purpose of this refresher course is to reinforce and consolidate previous learning, provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your practice and raise your awareness of recent and relevant developments in GCP and related areas of research governance. The course will also reinforce the importance of keeping up-to-date with developments and making sure that you and your team continue to evaluate their research practice and make improvements if required. You will be signposted to resources and quality tools that will support you.

Expected learning outcomes

Following the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the interwoven framework of laws and guidance which govern the set-up and conduct of clinical research in the NHS
  • Demonstrate how their own practice is consistent with the principles and quality standards of GCP
  • Identify areas for development and improvement that reflect common audit and inspection findings
  • Describe recent changes in GCP and related policy and guidance and identify how this applies to their own practice
  • Recognise the role of the NIHR Clinical Research Network in supporting increases in the quality and volume of clinical research
  • Know how to access relevant resources and keep up to date


Education Centre Level 4 Lecture Room Royal Derby Hospital Uttoxeter Road Derby DE22 3NE


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