Emergency and Specialist Medicine


At Leicester’s Hospitals we are lucky to have dedicated researchers who are passionate about all areas of medicine.

Professor Tim Coats is the Research Lead for the Emergency and Specialist Medicine CMG.

“The areas of medicine that we cover can feel unique because we cover the patient pathway from the intensity of acute medicine right through to the long term care of chronic diseases such as diabetes. All of this means that the research that we deliver, has the patient at its heart.

The NIHR Leicester-Loughborough Lifestyle Biomedical Research Unit is a high profile centre of international excellence with the care of patients with diabetes as its main focus of research.

Within the Emergency Department we have the Diagnostic Development Unit, which is cutting edge research being jointly delivered by our Trust, the academics in Emergency Medicine, the Space Science Centre and the Atmospheric Chemistry Unit.

Also at Leicester Royal Infirmary, we have the Clinical Research Facility which supports many of our specialties and the research teams within them.

Our clinicians within the CMG are taking part in some high-profile studies which really matter to the public, such as the Brains for Dementia programme. There are clinical trials of brand new treatments currently going on in neurology, stroke, diabetes, emergency care, infectious disease, rheumatology and dermatology.

We have a great team of researchers in our CMG whose innovations really enrich the patient pathway.”

If you would like to contact Professor Coats, Sally Batham, Deputy Research Lead or other members of the CMG research team, please complete the form below: