Grants and funding opportunities

Please note: while these pages are reviewed and updated regularly, it is important to contact the funding organisation for the latest information.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has regular grants and funding opportunities. These include individual awards – from pre-doctoral level through the research professorships – and themed calls based on specific health and social care needs that have been identified as priority issues. For more information, visit their website.

The Royal College of Nursing lists research grants and funding opportunities that might be suitable for nurses and midwives. Visit their website for more details.

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NIHR James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships – Rolling call (HTA Programme)

The NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme is accepting stage one applications to this funding opportunity.  The programme recognises the importance of the research priorities identified by the James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnerships (PSP) and are interested in receiving high-quality applications which address them. 

Closing date: 5 January 2022

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Health Data Science Black Internship 2022

Health Data Science Black Internship 2022 – Health Data Research UK – Applied

The Black internship programme for health data scientists is an exciting new endeavour. Black data scientists are currently under-represented within the health data science community, and this is one of several steps that we are taking to start to address this.

By bringing together the extraordinary variety and breadth of data activities across the Alliance organisations – different diseases (from cancer to cystic fibrosis), different organisations (mental health trusts to biobanks), and from different parts of the country (all four nations) – we are creating an internship programme to attract talented Black people who are considering a career in health data research.

The programme is of 8-week duration during summer 2022 and pays the London Living Wage.

Closing date: 21 January 2022

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Pancreatic Cancer UK – clinical research fellowships

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) and Pancreatic Cancer UK Fellowship supports a Trainee or Junior Consultant (within 5 years of first appointment) with an interest in advancing the clinical management of pancreatic cancer.  This individual will visit centres of excellence abroad and bring this experience back to the NHS to advance our clinical expertise within the UK.

Closing date: 31 January 2022

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British Lung Foundation – women and asthma funding call

The ambition of the ‘Women and asthma’ funding call is:

  • To increase our understanding of how sex hormones regulate asthma, which in turn may lead to the identification of pathways to be targeted by new therapeutic drugs and help to achieve better outcomes for the millions of women affected by asthma. 
  • To encourage researchers from respiratory and other relevant disciplines (e.g. endocrinology, immunology, epidemiology or data science) to experiment with novel concepts and high-risk projects that have the potential to further our knowledge in the links between sex hormones and asthma.
  • To fund the re-analysis of existing datasets by sex to establish new correlations between sex and asthma.
  • To invest in an academic leader to drive forward the major research gaps in sex hormones and asthma.

Applications in this round are invited for the following award types:

  • Project grants – Up to £300K, for up to 3 years
  • Pump-priming grants – Up to £80K, for up to 18 months
  • Awards for re-analysis of existing datasets by sex – Up to £100K, for up to 2 years
  • Professorial Chair awards – Up to £400K, for up to 5 years

Closing date: 10 February 2022

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EMAHSN transformation evaluation fund

Organisations are invited to apply for up to £30,000 funding from EMAHSN to evaluate a key innovation programme in their system. EMAHSN will support successful applicants to design the evaluation and procure support to deliver it.

Virtual Q&A sessions will also be held to answer any queries you may have:

  • Monday 10th January 2022 from 1pm-2pm
  • Tuesday 11th January 2022 from 8.30am – 9.30am
  • Friday 14th January 2022 from 11am-12noon

Please book your place in advance.

Closing date: 11 February 2022

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Healthcare Infection Society – research grants

We believe that excellent research underpins clinical best practice.  HIS aims to fund pioneering, innovative research within the scope of infection prevention and control and nosocomial infections.  Applications for funding must show an understanding of the clinical practice of infection prevention and control directly relating to nosocomial infections. Small research grants are intended to support small-scale research projects, or possibly the costs associated with the visit of an overseas research fellow, up to £10,000 for a project of 12 months duration. The primary grant holder and their institution must the based in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Small grants are normally non-recurring.

Closing date: 1 March 2022

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The General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust: research grants

The grant process and call for 2022 is now open, for grants of up to £40,000 each.

Applications are invited which address one of the following topics:
1. Improving nursing care delivery through engagement with patients and carers.
2. Recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic: learning for nursing practice.

Applicants are encouraged to identify an appropriate research methodology to address their research question. We invite applicants to consider secondary analysis of existing data, early scoping to inform future research design, literature reviews (using appropriate framework), as well as primary data collection and analysis.

Closing date: 1 March 2022

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