Collaborating on a research away day

By Caroline Gardiner-Hill, Renal Research Manager

We kicked off the New Year by having our First Renal Research Team Day incorporating Clinical Renal Research, Kidney Lifestyle and some colleagues from our supporting teams.

The aim of the day was to promote a greater sense of shared purpose and to share, reflect on and discuss collaborative working practices amongst the Renal Research Team and supporting services.

The day was delivered by an outside facilitator, James Gardener, who has a background in delivering leadership, management and problem solving guidance to some of the major conglomerates. The day before the event, James spent time meeting the attendees in their natural habitats and discussing their work life with them. The day also had a Wellbeing section, very important as we spend a large amount of our time at work!

Everyone brought a signature dish to share at lunchtime and at the beginning of the day as way of introduction, each person introduced themselves describing their dish and why it meant something to them. We had the most marvellous spread!

All in all the day was fun, constructive, interesting and gave us all time to question and reflect on some of our working practices.  Feedback has called for this to be made an annual event with more colleagues attending, some sessions to be repeated and some further ideas for next year.