Renal, Respiratory and Cardiovascular

Member of the public participating in respiratory research study

Prof. Gerry McCann is the research lead for the CMG.

“We have an extremely impressive research portfolio within these specialty areas at Leicester’s Hospitals.

“Our facilities are excellent and feature two biomedical research themes (cardiovascular and respiratory) as well as the Leicester University-British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre. We have a strong relationship with our local universities and much of the clinical research for these areas is undertaken in these facilities.

“The research that our group produces is often in the media and within the last year, has also made an impact overseas. The results of the CvLPRIT study, led by Prof. Tony Gershlick and myself, have prompted the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to revise its advice for the treatment of heart attack victims.

“We are proud of our work and team and are enthusiastic about improving the patient journey by continuing to produce innovative treatments through our research.”