What is covTrack?

covTrack is a data platform that has been developed to support audit, quality improvement and clinical research projects about patients that have been hospitalised with COVID-19 at Leicester’s Hospitals since March 2020.

The platform brings together clinical information recorded electronically on our systems for the entire period, together with some additional data collected from patient hospital records and admission chest x-rays during the first pandemic wave (March – June 2020).

A covTrack data management team has been set up to facilitate data requests.

How do I make a data request?

  • To make a data request for audit or quality improvement projects:

Only staff at Leicester’s Hospitals (including staff holding honorary contracts) may make a data request. Please register this activity with the Clinical Audit and Service Evaluation (CASE) team first. Contact details are available on Insite, or by calling 01162582955. You will also need to complete the data request form provided at the bottom of this page. Please submit both of these documents to

  • To make a data request for research projects:

Support for research projects will be coming online soon. Updates will be made to the webpage when this service becomes available.

What happens next (audit / quality improvement project)?
We will only approve access to to patient identifiable information for audit or quality improvement projects for UHL clinical staff directly involved in the clinical management of the patients whose information is requested.

The data management team will review the request and may request additional clarification from the requester if this is needed. Any clarification queries will be sent within one calendar week of the submission.

It is your responsibility as the requester to be assured that the project for which data is requested represents audit/QIP rather than research. If you are not sure if your project is research, please use the HRA decision making tool.

Once clarified and approved, a data extract will be sent to the requester within two calendar weeks.

What happens next (clinical research)?
Details will be added to this webpage when this service becomes available.